Lean Food, Lean Life was created byDJ Poom, Poomjai Tangsanga, a radio DJ with Virgin Hitz who was once nearly 100 kilograms and has since transformed his life through fitness and healthy eating. He discovered that the key to losing weight is to control your diet. However, despite trying many diet programmes and recipes locally and from abroad,  he struggled to find one that was great tasting,  enjoyable and sustainable. He therefore began to  create ‘lean’ menus that could help control weight and  be enjoyed at the same time and hence DJ Poom Menu.

What is DJ Poom Menu?

DJ Poom Menus are ‘lean’ menus that can help control your weight, tastes good and can be enjoyed everyday.Our menus are carefully prepared and weighed, and  made with high quality leanest ingredients. We use no  oils, no preservatives and no MSG (Monosodium  Glutamate) in all our cooking - so you can enjoy eating  delicious food that is healthy, clean and without  having to worry about gaining weight ever again.

You can also rest assured when buying our products as we have GMP certification, FDA approval, certified Nutritiom Facts, use Biodegradable packaging etc. We pride ourselfs in our continued innovativeness   and dedication to making our customers’ lives better (and hopefully the world a better place!)


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